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Skulls are rad. The gestalt principle of continuity is not too bad either. #skull #skulls #arrow #negativespace #dark #gestalt #continuation #illustration #art #artnerd #graphicdesign #toomanytags

So, I’m busy with this thing that involves me drawing a bunch of skulls in different ways. Still many to do. #skull #skulls #dark #illustration #digitalart #photoshop #wacom #art #contemporary #artnerd

Skulls, because. #skull #skeleton #dark #smoke #illustration #art #artnerd #pencil #sketch #drawing

We’re going to be doing a 60 second animation at college over the next 2 weeks or so. Just to confirm, I study graphic design, not animation, but we still touch on it, which is pretty damn rad. Started messing around with a few new things in Photoshop that I haven’t tried before. This should be fun! :D

I was commissioned to create a sugar skull illustration to be used for a once off print as a birthday present. I decided to add a bit of an Indian feel.

You can see the process on my Behance:

My blog’s been pretty dead recently due to loads of college work, but I managed to draw up this character a while back and figured that I might as well post it just to show everyone that I’m still around! It’s nothing epic I know, but it’s something. :)

Might still add text to this, but here is what I’ve got in the meantime. 

Those of you who keep up to date with the periodic crap that I post on Twitter may have seen that I’ve been practicing doing things a little differently to what I’m used to, to both speed up my work flow, and teach myself a different way of approaching illustrations. 

Been messing around with drawing straight into Photoshop with my Wacom tablet, as opposed to working with pen on paper, and then scanning in the images.

Any comments or any other feedback is welcome.


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