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Skulls, because. #skull #skeleton #dark #smoke #illustration #art #artnerd #pencil #sketch #drawing

Had a bit of time to waste, so I doodled on a piece of cardboard. #doodle #sketch #drawing #art #illustration #graphicdesign #pen #character #smoke #ink

Preview of some upcoming artwork. 

Christi du Toit // Graphic Art

//Tiger & The Ram (African folk tale)

//Jackal & The Wolf (African folk tale)

Just to say thanks for everyone’s ongoing support! Reached 800 followers on my page today! :D

Took apart my old skateboard and decided to paint a new graphic on it. 
//Medium: Acrylic paint and marker on old skateboard deck. 

Christi du Toit

Those of you who keep up to date with the periodic crap that I post on Twitter may have seen that I’ve been practicing doing things a little differently to what I’m used to, to both speed up my work flow, and teach myself a different way of approaching illustrations. 

Been messing around with drawing straight into Photoshop with my Wacom tablet, as opposed to working with pen on paper, and then scanning in the images.

Any comments or any other feedback is welcome.


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