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I have no idea why I made this process video for my little gif I just posted, but here it is anyway.

Christi du Toit // Graphic Art

Check it out!
Illustration speed process video of one of my pieces. 

So here we go. 
Short and sweet illustration run through.

Step 1: Doodle doodle doodle. I draw so much that my fingers start cramping. Little scribbles, full detail sketches, everything counts. I generally just try to get my mind into gear before I start developing concepts. I put myself in an imaginary little world where try and visualise unusual characters doing random things. 

Step 2: I pick a strong doodle or, alternatively, merge 2 or more that go well together to make a single idea. After I have my concept I do a quick layout sketch just to confirm the illustration with the client. I then draw out a rough, trace the rough neatly in pencil, then trace the rough neatly in pen onto 190gsm cartridge paper. I’m extremely loyal to using UniPin Pigment Ink Fineliners. They last long, they have solid lines, and you get a variety of sizes at an affordable price. I use a lot of different sizes, but mostly the 0.8 for outlines, the 0.3 for general lines, and the 0.2 for details and shading. 

Step 3: The final drawing gets scanned, and cleaned up/prepped for colouring. I spend a ridiculous amount of time picking the right colours (something I still need to master). Once the scan is cleaned up and the colours are chosen, I start colouring in big flat chunks - I usually add darker shading afterwards. 
This particular flyer is on a textured background, but I do sometimes draw the backgrounds by hand, almost like a scene from an illustrated storybook.

I usually add the logos and text last, but I do consider their designated spaces on the artboard to make sure the illustration doesn’t block them (and vice versa). 

And there you have it. 
It sounds quick and simple, but it’s a lot of effort, and can take really long when it comes to detailed illustrations.

Hope you enjoyed it. :)

I’m outies.

Christi. x

PS: I did not spell check this, so sorry for grammer and spelling mistakes (it’s been a long day).