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Logo & Character Design for DJ/Producer Kromly // Christi du Toit

Saw this pop up in my news feed this morning. 
Originally shared by Opiuo, a fantastic glitch-funk producer (from Australia, I think). More recently he did a remix for KOAN Sound's Sly Fox, from their latest release on OWSLA called The Adventures of Mr Fox - definitely worth buying. 

Like I said, I haven’t given the book a read, but I thought I’d post it for interests sake. If one of the most creative producers I know posted, and contributed to it, it’s bound to be good. I thought you guys might have a bit more use for it than me, but I’m sure that a lot of the advice they give will apply to situations that aren’t necessarily music related. 

It’s totally free for download as a pdf ebook HERE! 

Enjoy it!


Artwork for Scorned Society.

This is pretty much the final of my current design for Jordan Mencel -
Knowing me I’ll look over it a few times again and make some minor tweaks here and there, but otherwise this is the final version. :) 

~PS. Sorry about the lines and the ‘Crunch Design’ in the middle. Cant afford potential design thieves stealing the artwork. :P