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Hats off to all animators out there - I envy your skill and patience. This animation stuff is NOT easy. And it’s a lot of work. Like, A LOT. Kind of enjoying it though, in a morbid deadline stress kind of way. It’s coming along. Don’t think it looks THAT terrible for my first proper animation though. Just added one of the many scenes here as a preview.

Logo & Character Design for DJ/Producer Kromly // Christi du Toit

My blog’s been pretty dead recently due to loads of college work, but I managed to draw up this character a while back and figured that I might as well post it just to show everyone that I’m still around! It’s nothing epic I know, but it’s something. :)

Might still add text to this, but here is what I’ve got in the meantime. 

Custom cap for Flexfit // Christi du Toit

Did a quick colour test tonight. Tried limiting myself to a single colour (with tints and tones). 

Did these for my lecturers. 
They needed creatives to be involved in a charity project that they have going on.

They needed character ideas - so I gave them character ideas. :)

Theme: I love my laundry ‘monsters’ 

*Click on the images for bigger view. 

Messed around with some typography stuff.

I love typography, but I have no experience in it, so I’m well in need of some practice.

Did this up last night just for fun.

I bought two of these random bobble head toys from the most unusual little shop close to my house for dirt cheap. I thought they were pretty awesome - which is why I bought two. There are others as well, think I might just go back and get some more. :P
Thought I’d share these, because my blog has been on a bit of a standstill recently. :) 

The final version of my design for Jordan Mencel. 
Quite happy with how it turned out. I need to learn to put this much effort into more of my designs…