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Big ol’ inky doodle. #ink #brush #brushpen #doodle #sketch #sketchbook #procrastination #art #artnerd #illustration #character

Had a bit of time to waste, so I doodled on a piece of cardboard. #doodle #sketch #drawing #art #illustration #graphicdesign #pen #character #smoke #ink

Trying out a new app for screen recording. I think this one’s a keeper. 

Christi du Toit

"Dad" by Christi du Toit

This is my first proper venture into animation, and ended up being a bit more of an experiment with movement and motion in space. Each movement/frame was drawn with a Wacom tablet in Photoshop CS6.

Since my animation is black and white (besides little red cheeks), I decided to do a mini illustration of how the character would look in colour. 

Hats off to all animators out there - I envy your skill and patience. This animation stuff is NOT easy. And it’s a lot of work. Like, A LOT. Kind of enjoying it though, in a morbid deadline stress kind of way. It’s coming along. Don’t think it looks THAT terrible for my first proper animation though. Just added one of the many scenes here as a preview.

Logo & Character Design for DJ/Producer Kromly // Christi du Toit

My blog’s been pretty dead recently due to loads of college work, but I managed to draw up this character a while back and figured that I might as well post it just to show everyone that I’m still around! It’s nothing epic I know, but it’s something. :)

Might still add text to this, but here is what I’ve got in the meantime. 

Custom cap for Flexfit // Christi du Toit