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New project up on Behance! Check it out at #illustration #graphicdesign #editorial #art #artnerd #process #timelapse #behance #gestalt #theory

"A Game of Cat & Mouse" by Christi du Toit

See the full process of the graphic here:

Infographic on The Chaos Theory // Christi du Toit

Full project on Behance:

Check out my portfolio on Behance!

A small selection of a few old and new illustrations, drawings, and doodles I did, either
done as personal, or practice, pieces, or were never used for their intended purpose.

Reached the 100 followers mark on my Behance yesterday! 
I feel a sense of accomplishment. 
Thanks for the support everyone, really means a lot.

You guys are awesome.  


To those who didn’t see my post about Behance the other day. 
After a very long time of putting it aside, I finally got around to updating my Behance page.
There are a few pieces in between that I’ve never posted anywhere else.
Like progress shots, close ups, and the rough drawings, and linework.

Finally got around to updating my Behance profile. 
Have a look, there’s some process work in there that I haven’t posted anywhere else.  

Amazing little GIF by Stefano Agabio. 

Felt really inspired when I saw this.

Check out the full project on Typography Served/Behance. 

Here’s the link:


The header of my Facebook page.

Be sure to check it out at: