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Still needs the band name and album title in the open spaces at the bottom, and I’m almost certain that I’ll still go back and make a few changes, but this is done for the moment. 📀 #illustration #graphicdesign #album #cover #art #artwork #digitalart #scarab #compass #moon #feathers #egypt

Some of tonight’s progress. Still a very long way to go with this graphic. #illustration #progress #graphicdesign #album #artwork

Preliminary linework, done. A mixture of vector and digital drawing for this one. Next up is shading and then colour. Since I’m not on top of my Inktober game anymore I figured I’d keep everyone up to date with how this is progressing. 🐞 #illustration #digitalart #lineart #graphicdesign #album #artwork #art #artnerd #drawing #sketch #scarab #egypt #compass #feather #moon

So, I haven’t posted any Inktober drawings since Friday, but I’ve been a bit caught up with other things. I’ll still try and do a few, but now that my little break is over, it’s back to the grind and time is valuable. I’d like for my drawings to look considered instead if rushed - there’s nothing that takes the fun out of drawing as much as forcing it. In the meantime, Here’s a little sneaky crop of something I whipped up over the weekend. Hopefully I can show the full thing soon. 💿 #illustration #graphicdesign #art #artnerd #artwork #digitalart #vinyl #record

Put up a new project on Behance. The Lost & Found, part 2. 
Figured that it was time for a bit of an update. 

You can see the full project here:

Trying out a new app for screen recording. I think this one’s a keeper. 

Christi du Toit

So, I’m (finally) on Instagram! If you like seeing progress shots of my work, illustrations and doodles that I don’t post on all of my other social platforms, and keeping up to date with what I’m doing in general make sure to follow me at: christidutoit

Mr Turnip says, “Turn down for what?!”

Christi du Toit

Break Time Doodle Sessions Vol. 2 // Christi du Toit

Break Time Doodle Sessions Vol. 1 // Christi du Toit

Boom! A a few bits and pieces of my college animation assignment. It’s coming along. Loads needs to be done though, but I thought I’d share some of the working shots. 

Having some trouble with some of the movements and stuff, but I’m getting a bit better with each new scene.
I’m really not an animator, but I’m having a pretty fun time, and I’ve learned a lot over the past few days, just wish we had more time to work on this.

Did up a series of tattoo-style, graphic t-shirt designs with spoofs of South African culture. You can see the full project, on Behance, here:

A tribute to graffiti writer, good friend, and flatmate, Ekons (40hk). Rest in peace. 

A tribute to graffiti writer, good friend, and flatmate, Ekons (40hk). Rest in peace.