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Inktober #4 - decided to do a little bit more with my previous ninja doodle. ✏️✒️ #inktober #illustration #ink #sketch #drawing #sketchbook #art #ninja #graphicdesign

Some helpful advice to all Wacom users! 

After doing some research I realised that I wasn’t the only one noticing how quickly the Wacom Intuos 4 eats away your pen nibs. Simply put, this sucks, considering those little pieces of plastic come at quite a steep price.

Is there a way to save some bucks by making your nibs last for ages? Yes. 

Is there a way to control your digital linework even more in the process? Double yup. 

This tip isn’t limited to Intuos 4 users, and can dramatically change your experience with doing digital inking/painting. 

I read through a million forums and watched a million videos on the topic - even considered making my own nibs from trimmer wire (worst idea). Loads of people seem to be complaining about the Intuos 4’s rough working surface, which could easily be compared to working with a pencil on a piece of sandpaper. 

The easiest, quickest, and most cost efficient way is to just take a piece of paper (I prefer thicker watercolour paper), and cover your tablets working surface with it. Cut it down to size, and tape it down with some masking tape.

This gives you a softer, more wear-friendly canvas to give your nibs a break. At the same time this gives you the feeling of working with a pen/pencil on paper, as opposed to plastic on plastic, giving you loads more control with your strokes, and simultaniously extending your nib life substantially. 

Hope this helped you guys as much as it did me.

Happy arting!

Christi du Toit. 

Christi du Toit // Graphic Art

Watch the drawing process video of this here: